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EagleEagle's Staff Application


Must be over 13 Years of Age (Unless approved by razor)
Can be on the server for multiple hours a week
Must be mature
Have knowledge of the rules
Can not have a history on this community of being a "Minge"
Can not have been banned on any of our servers (excluding Rust)
Must be able to deal with situations by the book.
Hold the staff standards to the highest regard and not step out of line.
Must be kind during sits.
Must be in Discord and have a functioning mic.
Has to speak English well.

I Do not want the bare minimum on any of these questions.

Name: Eagle

Age (Not birthday): 14 1/2

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:163858377

Discord Tag: ƤℜɆĐ₳₮Øℜ#5977

How long have you been with the community? (Including R3, Cyanic, RS, AG) Nearly 1 hour

What hours are you normally on? Nearly all week

Native Language: English


List 5 ULX Commands. Cloak, Noclip, Kick, Ban and Teleport

Are you currently staff on another community? Yes

If so which one? PoliceRP InfNet I don't know the full name but when i do ill tell you

Staff history (Community Name, and rank) I only got it yesterday and i'm TMod nearly admin

Why do you want to be staff? (Min. 100 Words) I love your server even though I only been on for 1 hour  I am very experienced with uneasy and uncooperative members of society and i'm on frequently like nearly twice a day in the morning from 6 till 7-8 and the afternoon from 4 till around 8-9 depending on how tired I am if I am wide awake then I will play till like 9 till 12 I'm in the Halloween holidays so I'm on WAY more frequently for 1 weeks. I think I'll be a good addition to the server and the community. I have 0 warnings on the server. I have 340 hours on Garry's Mod. I'm trying to make a server myself

What makes you a better choice over other applicants?  (Min. 150 Words)  I'm a very chill person but I can bring out serious me if needed and I will help with the server.
Why would you like to become staff: I have been staff on lots of other servers and i'm a very chill person but i can bring out the serious person if needed. I want to help people with their problems, figuring problems out. I want to get the server running smooth and make it more fun for new members and existing members im will always be helpful and kind because with a staff rank you represent the server so acting mature and professional is the way to go. anyone who is disrespectful, spamming or hacking to anyone will get a warning then if absolutely necessary a ban. To sum it up all in one I want to help people i'm very kind, caring and very polite.

What characteristics make you a good staff member? (You must list some) I have lots of experience with uncooperative members,I'm very polite, I;m a chill person but I can bring out the serious person if needed, and i've been been warned once on your server or any rp server.

That is it for the application, If you are accepted here is some info:
Do NOT Expect to leave an LOA for atleast a month.
Do NOT Break LOA Policy  (Listed in discord)
Do NOT Idle on the server
Make sure you understand the rules, and read the staff handbook (Also in discord).

You will be interviewed by the HOS Before you receive your discord and ULX RanksRequirements:

I am adding you on discord to clarify a few things.
Proud Owner of R3

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