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razorPoliceRP Rules (Temp)

R3 Police Roleplay Rules

General Rules:
Advertisements of any kind are not tolerated 
No major crime during a PD Meeting
No impersonation of any kind (player, staff member, etc)
Rascism/Disrpecting/inappropriate behavior/language will not be tolerated 
No Hacking/Cheating/Exploiting
No Mic Spam
Fear RP is in effect (Out-numbered 3-1)
No Fail RP
No prop abuse
No prop climbing
No "occupying/taking-over" any law enforcement stations
No voice changers
No metagaming (Yes seeing contraband through glitches or using /ooc is metagame)
Government may NOT break NLR during a bank raid
No crouch/jump bases
You are not allowed to help police in raids etc.
NLR (New life rule) is 3 in-game minutes
No kill boxes.
No theft of any government vehicles is allowed 
Cop baiting is not allowed
Models do not incriminate

Listen to your superiors
Corrupt cops are NOT allowed, No matter what!
You must be a Qualified Trainer to train police
No Taser rushing (Criminal is shooting and you run at him and tase him)
You may never interrupt training.
All drugs are illegal!!!
Guns are legal with no restrictions on private property, citizens are allowed to have guns on their person, but not out on public property.
Bitminers are only legal if not on server rack.
Making moonshine is illegal.

you must advert when you carjack, rob, kill, or kidnap

Must /advert mug
Max mug is $10k
Must wait 5 min in between mugs
If you successfully mug a person you can not kill them

Must /advert kidnap
If the person has a gun out, you cannot kidnap
Do not hold anyone longer than 10 minutes
Kidnapping in public/AFK is not allowed
You may only kidnap every 10 minutes 
You may only kidnap one person at a time
Ransom Prices
Civilian -­ $5,000
Mayor - $50,000
Officer­ - $10,000

You do NOT control the PD, So don’t order them around.
You can own a house but must have protection. You can ask PD to protect you, But they don’t have to.
You cannot Raid or Commit Crime.
You can only have pistols and shotguns.

Must /advert "Hit Accepted"
You are not allowed to assasinate goverment officials except for mayor
Running A Red Light/Stop Sign  - $100
Illegal Maneuvers (e.g. U-Turns, 3 Point Turns On Main Roads) - $400-600
Speeding - $300-$600 (Depends On Speed)
Reckless Driving - $500-$1000 (Depending On What Is Damaged)
Jaywalking (Walking In The Road) - $50
Illegal Parking - $150 - $300
Improper Passing, Changing Lane Unsafely - $300-500
Driving Dangerously- $2000
Sudden Swerve - $100
Hit And Run Civilian Car $2500
Hit And Run Police Car (may be conisdered cop bait - admin discretion) - $3000 - $8000

Murder Rules:
Murders must happen in a secluded place (IE: Unless you are a hitman, do not shoot someone on the street)
Murders have to be adverted

Police ROE.
1. If a weapon is present during a scenario the suspect has 5 seconds to put their weapon away or be fired upon (You must advert them)
2. High authority has control over lower ranks during scenario's (RP, Raids)
3. Departments will take control of scenario's In their own zones regardless of the distances. (State troopers/City Police)
4. Do not constantly follow civilian's in authority vehicles (This counts as harassment In RP)
5. When driving a police vehicle do NOT leave vehicle lights on or siren when not appropriate or during a scenario.
6. Do not use your tazer when a weapon is present in scenario. (Tazer rushing)
7. Do not use props unless you're high command in (PD/State)
8. Make call outs when clearing buildings.
9. Return vehicles when not in use or destroyed.
10. If your primary weapon contains a launcher do not use it.
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