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NamRmNamRm's Staff App

Name: NamRm

Age (Not birthday): 14

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:69476140

Discord Tag: NamRm#9195

How long have you been with the community? (Including R3, Cyanic, RS, AG): Ever since VietnamRp was up before it got shut down and put back up.

What hours are you normally on? At least 4 hours a day.

Native Language: English

Timezone: EST

List 5 ULX Commands. !kick !ban !warn !jail !explode

Are you currently staff on another community? No.

If so which one?

Staff history (Community Name, and rank) I do not remember the communities as it was a while back so I will just list the ranks.
Co owner once, superadmin three times and an admin once.

Why do you want to be staff? (Min. 100 Words) I want to be staff because I feel like I can help the server be cleansed of straight mingery and other rule breakers. I want to clear some resistance with the players within that may be arguing about something or rules so the server will end up running like a well oiled machine rather than a machine with grinding gears. I love to play on this server so I want to staff on it so I can improve other player's experience so they will stay on to add to the growing player base. With me on the team, I feel it could positively effect the server.

What makes you a better choice over other applicants?  (Min. 150 Words) The reason why I am the better choice over other applicants is that I am willing to do the job as there isn't many since there aren't other applicants. Also, if there are, I think that I am very active. Considering I get up at around 10 am and get on to play on here and I go to bed at around 12 or 1 am the next day (with breaks and everything in between) I think I should be let into the team. Another reason is that I have experience with staffing. I have staffed numerous times on HL2rp servers (seriousrp) and Co Owned and staffed on DarkRp servers. Another reason is that I am a CO so instead of calling a staff member for help after training a recruit to whitelist, I can whitelist them myself so the rest of the team won't have to stop what they are doing to do something simple.

What characteristics make you a good staff member? (You must list some) The most important characteristic to being a staff member is to be honest. If a staff member is not honest, then they cause mass destruction. Another is to be loyal. Loyalty is important because if there is no loyalty, then a staff member will break the rules and just simply won't be trusted. Another characteristic is to be a quick thinker so then a staff member can think of what to do with someone without spending too much time. The final characteristic is to be forgiving. Not so forgiving to the point where everyone gets away with every thing but enough so they aren't like robots that just completely kicks or bans someone for something minor.

Something extra to note: On week days, I have football practice from 6-8 pm. Almost all the other times of the day I should be avalible.

+1. Very mature player, knows the rules, likable player, great fit for staff team.


Do you like dicks and balls?

(06-17-2019, 04:24 AM)Spectre Wrote: +1

Do you like dicks and balls?

Can neither confirm or deny.

Please contact AJR or Jules for an interview!

Thread Closed
Proud Owner of R3

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